Etc. and other things


10/15/2011 Added Alphabet Randomizer for English, Russian and Hebrew.
03/10/2008 Added Turkey Breast recipe.
07/31/2007 Added a gender filter to the Alumni page.
05/29/2007 Added a Sinai Academy and Be'er Hagolah Alumni page.
05/10/2007 Added a blog, powered by Google's Blogger.
05/09/2007 Added RSS feeds for news and Daf Yomi.
05/04/2007 Added Russian transliteration of Shabbat and Yom Tov kiddush.
04/23/2007 New game review added. G-Mode Topolon.
04/11/2007 New game review added. Eragon: Dragon Rider.
04/08/2007 Two new recipes added, Pesach Chicken and Russian Meatballs.
03/06/2007 New game review added. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
02/04/2007 New game review added. MONOPOLY Here & Now.
01/22/2007 New game review added. Super Drop Mania.
01/11/2007 We now accept donations for kiddush club via paypal.
01/01/2007 Daf Yomi archive page has been converted to AJAX.
12/23/2006 Added local sales page, which uses this awesome client-side script for sorting.
11/20/2006 Form on Photo Album page has been converted to AJAX.
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